Release of Telephone Functions "AnyDevice" & "VoIP"! [EN]


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    the "AnyDevice" feature is what is commonly called Nomadic mode on "OmniPCX Enterprise" and "OXO Connect".

    This means that the needed configuration on PBX side is the standard configuration to add nomadic mode to a PBX user. The PBX user needs attached to his desk phone a REX on "OmniPCX Enterprise" or an AnyDevice (Virtual Terminal) on "OXO Connect" (tandem/multiset configuration).

    Today if you want to use the "AnyDevice" feature on "OXO Connect" you have to take into account following restriction:

    On "OXO Connect", AnyDevice Terminal (VT resource) creation for a user is not automatically detected by Rainbow. Consequently, after managing AnyDevice Terminals on PBX side for the Rainbow users, a restart of the Rainbow agent is required from OMC for Rainbow to properly synchronize new multiset configurations. This will be fixed in a next Rainbow Solution version.



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