Launch External Applications on an Incoming Phone Call v1


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  • Alf Wachsmann



    we tried this with the Rainbow Web Client 2.91.7 Windows application and can't make it work:

    1. Starting Rainbow overwrites the settings file and with it the entry for customizationDirectory

    2. When starting MicroCRM and adding something for a specific phone number, the entry never gets stored (database directory stays empty) and cannot be  retrieved on next restart.

    Has something changed in newer versions of Rainbow or is the description above not complete?

    Thanks, Alf.

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  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi Alf,

    Nothing has changed, the settings file has probably an extra comma or something (invalid syntax).

    Please provide the logs / custo.manifest / setting to Bejamin Ostermann, who has created a case on your name, so we can take a look on what is happening.

    Best regards.

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  • Alf Wachsmann

    Hi Hislamar,


    we got it solved yesterday evening:

    The syntax of the settings files requires double backslashes in path names like so:


    If you get it wrong the setting file gets replaced by a new one.

    Second problem we had was that the MicroCRM package needs to be in a path the user has write permissions. Kind of obvious but we had put it where that was not the case.

    Now things are working.

    BTW: is there a way to have Rainbow pop up an Outlook Contact like it is  possible with OpenTouch Conversation?

    Thanks, Alf.

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