Start Audio/Video Conference in Bubbles Which Are Created by Somebody Else



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    Hello Mikail,

    I had a look in the present suggestions list and I saw a demand from Virginie, you have the same idea ! I suggest to switch your post with Virginie's post to obtain more comments and more votes. 

    You can comment this post "Allow all Organizers to Launch a Audio/Video Conference in a Bubble" and talk with Virginie and other people about your demand! 🙂

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  • Christophe MUNINGER

    Dear Mikail,

    This is road mapped. Organizers of a bubble with an Enterprise service plan will be able start an Audio/Video Conference.

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  • Sherif SHALABY

    I agree with Mikail's request. The participants of a Bubble who are promoted to Organizer should be able to start the conference.

    I see this request was posted 9 months, but the feature is not available yet. Any feedback please on when this will be available? Thank you.

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