option to click button to send IM messages would be good



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    Christophe MUNINGER

    Hi Gentlemen,

    This is subject to discussions.
    If you are looking at Whatsapp or Messenger, or Skype for Business, yes, there is a dedicated icon for sending the message. But if you are looking at Slack, Discord, or even Skype, ENTER key will send the message (there is no send icon). If you look at the messages that are sent in a chat, you will find that messages are generally short and not formatted. That's why Rainbow uses the same sending method as more modern tools like Slack or Discord for example. One can like, other one will not.


    Best Regards,

    Christophe Muninger

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  • Andre BEER

    In addition to this it would also help when it is possible that <CTRL>+<ENTER> send the message and <ENTER> alone would add a ne line in the conversation.

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  • Stefan KÜTTEL


    In other messenger apps like Whatsapp and Signal, this is configurable. In my opinion that's the way to go. Can you please consider this?

    Thanks and best regards,


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  • Peter HAUDAN

    I have also received the hint from several customers that one would like to have the configuration option to insert only a new line with "Enter" and send the message with a "Send" button or a special command.
    It often happens that several messages are sent even though the text is to be sent as one complete message,

    beste regards


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