QoS and bandwidth measurement tool for checking connection quality of Rainbow



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    Christophe MUNINGER

    Dear Mikail,

    This enhancement is road mapped. What we have in mind is to have a network quality indicator (quality of the communication should be displayed and accurate with 3 levels: poor, acceptable and good).

    Best Regards,

    Christophe Muninger

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  • Christophe MUNINGER

    Hi Mikail,

    Could you please detail exactly what you are expecting for?
    Is it a global "network" quality indicator in Rainbow allowing you to know if my calls, file transfer, etc will be good enough or not?

    Best Regards,
    Christophe Muninger

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  • Mikail YARDIMCI

    Hi Christophe,

     yes a kind of QoS measurement which shows if the connection is good enough. Important for calls, video or desktopsharing. A hint would be good if not in expected quality "Dear user your connection is not good please check connectivity to get usual good Rainbow experience" etc..

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  • Eric CHOONG

    something similar to team "call quality dashboard" will be helpful.

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  • Mike POTTER

    Agreed. Performance measure is important amongst other things when presenting against competition.


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  • Christian WÖRSTENFELD

    the feature is still listed as planned?

    The current implementation is not very detailed.
    I need IP Tickets like in OXE to identify the exact connections.
    The chart just tells me something is wrong with Bubbles but I have no clue what.

    And it doesn't fit into my screen by the way and scrollbars are not working. (Case 00574476)


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