Rainbow desktop app network issues.



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  • Phil BENNETT

    I Have a customer with exactly the same issue, here is what we did:



    Investigation session:


    Removed AV

    Removed Firewall locally

    Removed application

    Reinstalled application

    Same response

    Flipped to LTE and Rainbow started

    Went back to internal network rainbow stayed working and TX/RX messages

    Stopped and restarted Rainbow

    Couldnt connect


    Issue appears to be only during startup /initialization, once the app is running it works fine.

    There are NO firewall rules and i tested with the a pc on the DMZ to isolate and got the exact same reaction

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  • Nick NANOS

    Hi Phil,

    thanks for your reply

    I was away from the office the past two days and suddenly the app has come good today, the only thing I did was to disable the com add in for outlook and not use it for a few days.  I've not tempted to reboot my desktop fearing this could occur again. 

    Outlook add in works, so I'm happy.

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