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    Christophe MUNINGER

    Hi Ruben,

    We already talk about that subject in another post, i.e. have contacts when you creates your account (for small companies, we will display all contacts of the company, for large companies, there will be suggestions).

    Best regards,


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  • Ruben SIEGRIST


    This is not a post-contacts inclusion, but a pre-contacts inclusion.

    Please see again our suggestion (it was made by several hands here in our company), and verify that it is an "Admin" feature, not a "user" feature.

    And the idea, when implemented will give us (and any other 'company/organization admin' user) the power to bring users to Rainbow with a specific set of contact users in their Rainbow interface - doesn't matter the size of the company.

    E.g.: when I want that any user of a specific company starts with two or three Support users, this will be a shortest and secure way.

    If you keep not understanding, please call us. It will be a pleasure explain you better our idea.

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  • Christophe MUNINGER

    Understood Ruben. But we will probably not go in this way. The goal is to suggest new contacts to the user, so that the user can decide, versus pre-populate contacts for the user and give more tasks to do for the company admin.


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  • Ruben SIEGRIST


    We are simplifying accounts activation!

    Remember that when hundreds, maybe thousands of people receive Rainbow invite by e-mail, they will access, give their credentials and...?! What should they do? Who they would look for?

    In a mass activation (our scenario), we won't have hands to help everybody.
    E.g.: a company with 1 thousand users, when connected, could ask for support to their IT staff for help.
    So, if any user starts with some Help Desk / Support contacts in his list, he/she will be able to ask them for help! This is our intention!

    And, please, this is a short task, it won't take more than one minute to set the pre-set of contact list users to a specific Company/EC (just when needed or wanted!)...

    Admins should thanks that someone has had this idea before!


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