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    Louise QUINTRAND

    Hi !

    Rainbow Team is going to provide a new software executable to install Rainbow into your PC even if you don't have Administration Rights on september 16th with software version 1.46. 
    In addition a package MSI will be provided for massive deployment in enterprise environment. 

    Enjoy Rainbow ! 

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  • Christophe MUNINGER


    Answer has already been provided in another post:

    For the Desktop app, there are 2 solutions:

    • Be able to run a client app and a server version that do not have the same version è too complicate to manage and control; this could work if you stop developments on server side
    • Have a full SW installed the first time and then light and automatic updates this is what we are looking for:
    1. First time installation (full SW): will include the Rainbow SW and all Microsoft dependencies. This is mandatory at least the first time. To be done by the IT with their preferred tool.
    2. Light update (Rainbow SW): end-users (with or without admin rights) will automatically be updated once a new Rainbow version is available. IT will not have to do anything.
    3. Of course, if IT wants to control anything, checks and tests the updates before, deploy itself, etc, then this is dead. In that case, there is no solution for such IT.

    Best Regards,

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  • Christophe MAILLET

    hello, i'm ready to test this new installation ?


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