Add a Dial Pad to Make Phone Call from Mobile Applications



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    Quentin Grabenstaetter

    Hello everyone,

    We first rejected this request. But in the end, the large number of votes for this suggestion made us change our minds.

    This shows that nothing is ever lost! 😊

    A dial pad will be available in the next versions for mobile applications. I will update this post as soon as I have more details.

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  • Christophe MUNINGER


    Thank you for your suggestion, but it is not intended to add a new dialpad screen as you already have the OS keyboard for entering phone numbers. 

    Best Regards,

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    Hi Christophe,

    Yes you can enter numbers by using the keyboard, but this gives not a good feeling by the customers and users. When using a dialpad you know for sure you can enter a number. This gives a better behavior for the users. 
    We suggest a dialpad window (like you have in the OTCv / OpenTouch Client) as well. 

    Best Regards

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  • Matteo Kotch

    @Christophe, I agree with @Esli's comments. I have a partner who has requested this multiple times, and has asked me to raise this with the Rainbow product team. While I do concede that you can dial numbers though the OS keyboard, this is not as user-friendly as having a dedicated dialpad. 

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  • Matteo MOSCONI

    I agree with all comments.

    A dialpad is necessary to make phone call trought the app (the OS keypad isn't the solution)

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  • Peter COLLEONI

    I guess, if you have a SW where can make phone calls, you should also be able to do it "traditionally" by type in the number....

    As more as we cover, as more the people are able to replace the other staff on their phone and swap APPs!

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  • Mikail YARDIMCI

    Hi all, anything planned to add a dialpad to the pc client. That would be helpful.


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  • Louise QUINTRAND

    Hi all, 
    This feature is already available for mobile but it is not planned for PC. 

    Thanks for your suggestion :) 

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