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  • Brian BIRD

    Hello Paolo

    We currently have the WebRTC function up and running with the latest OXO software as well. When I receive a call from a landline or external line it arrives on my normal iPhone call screen. The function is slightly different depending on if my iPhone is locked or unlocked. If the phone is unlocked I must press the answer key to accept the call. Once I accept the call, the blue Rainbow screen is opened.

    If the iPhone is locked then I must answer the call by sliding the Answer slider. Once I do this, another iPhone screen is opened that has Rainbow icon. technically the iPhone is still locked so the Rainbow call screen will not be presented until I unlock the iPhone. There is a bit of an issue at the moment that if you answer a Rainbow WebRTC call when the iPhone is locked you will not receive speech path until you press the Rainbow icon and unlock the phone. The Rainbow support team is aware of the issue.

    I hope this helps a bit.

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  • Paolo GUZZI

    Hi Brian
    this is right, but I have three other behaviors
    1 Iphone unlocked, I receive the call without a ringtone, I have a green icon on the top left pressing the blue window is activated and I have to click on the green button, I answer and I speak
    2 iphone locked, I receive the call without a ringtone I can not answer, and from the iphone you hear a tone as if it were him to call.
    3 I do not receive anything.




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  • Sam BOYD

    Hello Paolo,

    Do you happen to have 2 WebRTC Gateways currently setup on the network?

    I found i had a similar issue if we have a second gateway setup, it doesn't need to be connected to the OXO however the second gateway just had an IP Address and gateway and this caused issues.



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