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    At least, can you place the company's contacts and personal contacts before the rainbow contacts list ?

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  • Brian BIRD

    I agree David, it would be nice to have the company (pbx) and personal contacts displayed before the Rainbow contacts. I am also trying to encourage every Rainbow user to make sure they complete their own profile in Rainbow. You can add a work phone, work mobile, personal phone and personal mobile. The more complete your profile, the more calling options are presented to other users.

    Of course, the Rainbow search function is more complete if you have a Business or Enterprise subscription. Then you will be presented with the Rainbow Contact, PBX Contact and also contacts from Microsoft Outlook (Enterprise Subscription). If you are using Rainbow on your smartphone it will also display personal contacts from your phone.

    I have recently posted an article on Contacts - the Cornerstone of Your Success with Rainbow, in my Channel - Integrated Products Rainbow News and Information. You may find it useful.

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