Rainbow and CCD


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  • Brian BIRD

    Hello Steven..I know this doesnt answer your question, I will try and find an answer. I do know that on an OXO Connect only a stand-alone Rainbow Client with WebRTC gateway access can be a call center agent. If the Rainbow WebRTC user is paired (twin set) with a desk phone they cannot be a call center agent. In order to really be functional in the call center the agent would also require to have the Agent Assist software as there would be no other way for the agent to log in and out of the group or see any stats.

    I will see what I can find on an OXE.

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  • Carlo BORGER

    Hello Brian,
    with the Covid-19 virus in mind it would be a good step forward if CCD-agents could use Rainbow (or a related app)
    to login/withdraw/logoff.... in their Processing groups.
    As for now there is no real alternative to work home and still do the Callcenter work as supposed.
    Later on in the Autumn or Winter we will face another Lock Down and then it will be a good selling point

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    This is a feature the would give a lot of potential new rainbow users we now can't offer a good solution.

    We can use an CCD Agent on a remote extension, but this is not full ACD functional. 

    Please consider a full rainbow CCD agent.

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  • Richard BREUER
    We have several customers where this would be a very valuable addition.
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