OXO Connect Hunt Group Missed Calls showing on all Rainbow Clients


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  • Tamas MESZAROS

    We have customer with the same problem

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  • Brian BIRD

    As you have highlighted, many users have expressed an interest for parallel hunt groups to be supported in Rainbow. I know the ALE Rainbow Support team is aware of these requests and are looking into it. From what I understand it is not a straight forward feature enhancement.

    In the meantime, for our customers that want to deploy the Rainbow over webrtc and also use a hunt group, we have recommended changing the group from parallel to either cyclic or sequential so the calls are presented to one person in the group at a time.

    For our customers that wanted members to be in a parallel group and accepted the missed call issue, we have programmed a virtual extension so that if a call is left unanswered it goes to a VM box specific to the group, and then an email with a wav file of the VM is attached and sent to all members of that group. 

    Although this does not answer your feature enhancement, it may be a work around solution to ensure you do not miss any additional sales opportunities in the meantime.

    The additional programming would need to be done by your ALE partner.

    I hope this helps.

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  • Wout BUYS

    We also have a few customers with the same issue.

    It would be a very welcome and needed feature to not show missed calls that were answered by someone else.

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  • Andy JONES

    I agree. We have encountered this issue with multiple end users .A resolution to this issue would be welcomed.

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    We also get complains about this from several customers, this would be an enhancement that makes the hybrid solution with OXO connect and rainbow more relevant for existing SMB customers.

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