Mobile application displaying "Virtual Nomadic" for all callers (OXO)


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  • Luis ROSALES

    What you report is more related to the OXO PBX configuration than to the Rainbow application, because Rainbow will present the information sent by the PBX.

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  • Sam BOYD

    Hello Valerian,

    I have heard reports of this with IPhone (there was a patch which resolved this) but I have not heard about this on Android.

    It appears the issue could actually be the Android looking at the Contact header sent by the OXO to Rainbow, the name will also be reflected in the WebRTC Communication packets.

    You may need to look at updating your Android Phone and Rainbow app.

    I would also recommend you get your WebRTC Gateway and OXO updated.

    I have tested with my Android phone and in this example I receive the caller name Unknown with the CLI being ****

    As you can see my name is sent in the contact header (this is from my Primary set in the OXO) however my Rainbow app ignores this.

    I hope this helps


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  • Valerian

    Thank you very much for your replies.

    We are using a somewhat recent version for our OXO ( from january 2020).
    For the android application we are using the 1.75.1 which seems to be the latest from the google store.

    I removed the spaces in the contact header of the virtual nomadic entries, rebooted the cellphone that has the rainbow app installed and reapplied the WebRTC Gateway on the OXO.
    This seems to have done the trick, not sure which combination worked since I had already tried all of these separately.

    It now show the correct contact headers from callers and I now have to possibility to put calls on hold/transfer/mute/speaker which I did not have prior to this (the only button available was to end the call).

    Have a nice day,

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