Rainbow - Downgrades are not allowed


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  • Luis ROSALES


    You are probably using an old MSI version and therefore you have the "error".

    Since several versions of Rainbow, you no longer need to have administrator rights.
    If the application was installed with administrator rights (some time ago), then it is mandatory to first delete the app from the PC (using Admin rights) and then install Rainbow again, using the latest version available, where will not be asked for Admin rights, even for the updates.

    Last version:

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  • Vladimir Maghlakelidze

    Hi Luis,

    first of all, I do not have Rainbow installed on my system, I get that error despite of not having this app installed on my system!

    Secondly, I need to deploy MSI Installer for NON-admin users, because these constant updates are killing me. And because of this I need to deploy pre-requisite software (Office Tools 2010 runtime and VC++ runtime 2015, .NET 4.7), to be able to install Rainbow USER MSI Installer.

    Well, the thing is I have exact same situation on a second workstation, although I have uninstalled all kinds of versions of Rainbow from the workstation, downloaded brand new USER MSI INSTALLER and guess what! Error message during installation: "Downgrades are not possible" and I have no rainbow installed and can not install one.

    How about that! So the question remains. What about clean up tool for rainbow?
    Any suggestions on my problem, please!?

    And no offence but that is a lot of work for a single chat app, the deployment procedure is too complicated and terrible, and it breaks down, like in my case.

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