pressing up arrow key takes me to the last message sent (edit mode)


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  • Jean-Pascal SAIDE

    Hello Fegy,

    This is not a regression, it's a new feature! The up arrow key is a shortcut to modify your last message sent in a chat.

    You have probably already experienced sending a message with a typo, or a wrong number, date, etc

    It is much more efficient to correct the message itself, rather sending another one! So having the ability to correct it quickly with the shortcut is a nice productivity feature!


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  • Olivier VAILLANT



    I found a bug with this new feature.

    If you press the “up arrow” key and after “Escape” key you cannot to write or send new messages. You have to select another conversation and come back on it to be able to send a message.

    No issue when you press “Enter” key




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  • Jean-Pascal SAIDE

    Hello Olivier,

    Good catch! Our dev team is alerted and will check to correct in a future release.

    Until then, you know how to avoid, don't press ESC ;-)

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