User creation date in Members tab


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  • Dallan STEVENSON

    User creation is shown in "History" also shows updates, and deletion

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  • Alex MAGRO

    True, but this is nor searchable or exportable. In fact I raised a suggestion on this as well.

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  • Jean-Pascal SAIDE

    Hello Alex,

    When you export all your members in a CSV file, you have 2 fields that are useful: 
    - firstLoginDate (column AB)
    - lastLoginDate (column AC)
    The "firstLoginDate" is the date you are looking for.
    You can easily sort on these date, because they are in UTC format.

    This is not directly in the administration interface, as you suggest, but the information exist at least.

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  • Alex MAGRO

    Hi, I'm afraid this is not the case for me since I do not create users by invitation. I create them directly from the application so the creation date would not be the same as the first login date.

    Unfortuantely, due to this procedure, I have users which are created but have never logged in.

    Due to the absence of the "creation date" field in the members list (and the lack of exportability and searchabilty of the history) I am unable to easily distinguish between recently created users who legitimately did not yet log on, from those who have been allocated a user but never bothered to use it.

    This is made worse since users are created by multiple admins making the identification of recently created users more troublesome.

    The whole issue is that identifying unused licences and revoking them It is turing out to be very time consuming. 


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