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    Hello Olivier,

    The community is only available in English, so I took the liberty of moving and self-translating your post.

    Concerning your question about the version of the Microsoft Teams connector, I confirm that the current versions are 1.5.3 / 1.8.12 / 2.0.16. Learn more

    • The value 1.5.3 corresponds to the package that is available directly from the Microsoft Teams market place.
    • The value 1.8.12 corresponds to the server version which does not require any intervention from you to update.
    • The value 2.0.16 corresponds to the smart-app which is the desktop application to install to complete the package.

    We will inform you in the "News & Updates" area as soon as a new version is ready to be published. You will find at this time the list of patches.


    Screenshot from Microsoft Teams market place.

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