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    Multiple ddi towards destination in Rainbow HUB.

    Dear, We are using Rainbow HUB/Voice with a lot of incoming ddi numbers (50 for now, will be more in the future). These are private incoming ddi numbers are for a certain group of end-users. When t...

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    Holiday additon for welcome

    Dear, When using Rainbow Voice/Hub there should be an option to add additional welcome message for holidays or special closing, in addition there should be a calender to select the holidays Now you...

  • Elzo HUMMEL hat einen Post erstellt

    Rainbow for attendant like

    Hi,   As Rainbow is introduced as the replacement of Pimphony I am wondering when the Rainbow-attendant or the Rainbow-team will be released.   Regards   Elzo  

  • Elzo HUMMEL hat einen Post erstellt

    Possibility to blacklist Rainbowusers

    I am missing the possibility to blacklist rainbowusers so they cannot send messages or invites to me.  

  • Elzo HUMMEL hat einen Post erstellt

    Decline an invitation

    When you decline an invitation the contact is added to your contacts anyway. In this way decline option at invitation does not have any value. Delete the decline button or let decline be decline.

  • Elzo HUMMEL hat einen Post erstellt

    Add contacts to my lists via drag and drop.

    Hi, Why is it necessary to invite contacts when I want to add them to "My Lists" the contacts are already in my network. This adding contacts to "My Lists" could be much easier if this could be don...

  • Elzo HUMMEL hat einen Post erstellt

    See the called huntgroupname in Rainbow

    Hi there, As in the future rainbow will be replacing pimphony*, we already see an issue araising. On the oxo we have an deskphone. This deskphone is member of multiple huntgroups ie (Sales, suppo...

  • Elzo HUMMEL hat einen Post erstellt

    Personel text for Rainbow status indicator

    Nicht geplant

    Hi, Nowadays for status indication we only can choose 1 out of 4 predifined status options. I would like to have added an status option in which I can type an short message myself like "Dont contac...