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    OAuth authentication sample

    Is there a sample outlining how you'd go through the OAuth authentication? There's a sample for JWT which I was able to adapt for my own code, but nothing for OAuth.

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    User Companies in the REST API

    Is it me or is empty? Shouldn't there be something there?

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    Working with large number of users

    I have an on-prem application based on OTMS that we're considering moving to Rainbow. Having played around a bit with the NodeJs SDK and seeing how long it takes until you're ready to execute any c...

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    REST API - documentation vs. real world

    Could it be possible that the API documentation is outdated? E.g. when I log in, what I get as a result contains more properties than what the documentation lists.

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    Contact presence suddenly offline

    Is there a way presence states can get stuck in the API? I was playing around with the SDKs, and all of a sudden, all my contacts except one return presence state offline, even though the respectiv...

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    Access to underlying APIs

    Having played around with the NodeJS SDK I bit and just having run the samples of the C# SDK, I feel like there's a case to be made for exposing the underlying connections to developers. E.g. setti...

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    Separate forum for API questsions


    Wouldn't it be better to have a separate forum just for API questions given that they're so different from your run of the mill client related question?

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    I do know the credentials in this case since the users are generated by my application. However, keeping 300 sessions, versus one, that's a gigantic hit in terms of performance. I've done CTI on 20...

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    Proxying NodeJS requests through fiddler

    Has anyobdoy managed to capture the Traffic going from the NodeJS SDK to the Rainbow cloud? the set http_proxy/https_proxy don't seem to do the trick so the SDK seems to use another way to make its...

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    Setting presence state of any user (in my cmopany)

    Is there way to set the presence of a user other than the user I'm logged in? I have an application which would need to manage (set) the presence of about 300 users. None of these users has a real ...