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  • Rainbow and supervision

    Good morning, I would like to know if Rainbow user with set supervision on OXE is now released ? Thank you Olivier

  • 1 Web RTC gateway for several OXE


    Good morning, do you know how to implement the feature several OXE for 1 Web RTC Gateway ? Thank you Olivier

  • license Alert custom


    Good morning , I can see that a Rainbow user is profile "Alert Custom". What is this license ? Does it provide VOIP feature ? Thank you  Olivier  

  • Specific dialing rule in germany ?


    Hello the Rainbow community In Germany the Rainbow user can dial: 0521 92409 888 ( full number) 92409 888 (short local number ) Tested on customer's for the second case apparently a 0 is added by R...

  • Rainbow userID in Oxo

    Hello , In a OXO ( Oxo connect  evolution vers R3.0.55 ): Where can I see the rainbow user id ( the one beginning by BBB.., provided by rainbow ) in the "any device" user parameters ( If I compare ...

  • XMPP vs SIP

    Hello , why do we use XMPP/jingle instead of SIP/SDP for data flows over Rainbow cloud? Thank you