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  • Contact list

    Hello, Contact lists allow you to group one or x contact but simply to find them better. I think it might be interesting to change usage to:- send a text message to a list without creating a bubble...

  • Choose video quality level

    Hello, in the next versions would it be possible to integrate a system to manage the quality of the videos when using the peer-to-peer or conference viewing functions. The objective is to limit the...

  • Speech in a bubble

    In a bubble, during a videoconference, would it be possible to integrate the management of speaking. Example: during a meeting / presentation the organizer deactivates the microphone of all partici...

  • Open a site

    Hello, In a future version is it planned to be able to integrate a site. For example, the user of a connected company could open a site (intranet, extranet, GED ...) directly in Rainbow without hav...

  • Note taking

    Hello, several users ask me for the possibility of taking notes and sharing them with other members of our company. Is this planned?

  • Call redirection when leaving

    Hello, When an employee leaves the company, it could be interesting to set up either a system for redirecting messages and calls to another employee or a message informing his contacts that it is n...

  • Linux client

    Hello, Is there a version of the client for Linux planned in the future? I connect from my browser but it is less easy to use than a dedicated app. Or if an open browser tab crashes, chances are it...

  • Several organizer in a bubble

    Hello, In the bubbles, would it be possible to have several participants with the rights of organizer? The objective, especially during videoconferences, to have a speaker who controls the video an...

  • "Notes" in a bubble

    In a bubble, on the right side there are two icons to access the list of participants and the list of shared files. It might be interesting to add a "notes" tab so that you can keep information. Ex...

  • Fiabilité de la solution Rainbow / Reliability of the Rainbow solution

    Fiabilité de la solution Rainbow Nous avons souscris à l'offre Rainbow au mois de mars 2020. A cette période j'ai eu des choix techniques et fonctionnelles à faire mais je devais surtout trouver en...