How Do I Configure the PBX Numbering Rules ?



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    Hi, thanks, it helps... but:

    I've set and some rules we need are working but I've found some cases we need to deal with...
    It is:
    1) how to deal with "+" in the begining of international phone numbers as are usually used all over the world... I am not able to set + mark in dialing rules
    2) how to deal with spaces between numbers ie: +421 2 49216 171 is usual form of number in slovakia... I need to delete them... 

    many thanks

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    Simon LENOBLE


    For 1) I don't understand exactly what you mean.

    For example, to add a "+" at the beginning: Rule = ^(.+)$  Replace=+$1

    Or to remove a "+" at the beginning: Rule = ^\+ Replace=nothing

    For 2) : Rule=[^\d]+        Replace=nothing


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    Hi, the point 1) I solved already by rule =^[+], replace=00

    But for point 2) I have no idea. Whenever there is a space in number to dial there is an error.

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    Baptiste CANDELIER

    Hi Milos, Hi Simon,

    after some tests our R&D found out that rules configured to catch the + of a canonical phone number don't work correctly. They have already provided a fix and it should be available Monday October 15th once the new Rainbow version has been promoted into production. Let us know if you still face the same issues next week.



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