[DR] How to Manage my Equipments (PBX)?



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    karthik P


    I am essential user, I am trying to create a company and associate OXE to my company. I got an document from the ALE care twitter account and try to create a company.. but the on clicking on create company , the screen goes blank and does not load after that.

    So what is the solution for this problem ? Does it mean Essential user cannot create a company and assoicate his OXE or OXO to it ?  

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    The creation of the Company is currently experiencing some troubles with version 1.45.
    We have fixed these issues and you will be able to create your Company as soon as version 1.46 is released.

    However, please keep in mind that the Equipments creation in Rainbow must be done by a Rainbow Reseller. You won't be able to create an Equipment as a Company Administrator. Please contact your usual Alcatel-Lucent Reseller to get help.

    Thanks for your understanding,

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