Mandatory upgrade - WebRTC gateway 1.67 [REMINDER]



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    Paul HOGG

    Good Morning thank you for your update.

    My company is part of the early phase develeopement of the WEBRTC, and have succesfully commissioned the product onto our OXE evoloution.

    We are currently testing the features and found via a IOS device we cannot hold/transfer calls etc , is this a current limitation and only available with android ?


    thank you in advance.



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    Baptiste CANDELIER

    Hi Paul,

    thanks you for your comment. You're right on iOS, we only manage the basic call (inbound/outbound) today but we will gradually add more phone features. We expect to give quickly access to DTMF then be able to put a call on hold, next step be able to manage a second inbound call and so on until similar feature level as on other Rainbow clients.

    Best way to know when the features will become available is to follow our Rainbow news section.



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