Launch External Applications while Incoming Phone Call



  • Marco GELATI

    Hi Quentin,

    in example posted there is an error on "custo.manifest", in fact you have insert

     "extension-points" :


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  • Samuel DIRN

    Hi, even with this correction I don't succeed to make it work....

    help appreciated


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    Hello Marco,

    Thank you for your comments! I have updated the attached archive.

    Samuel, I saw your request for help on the Community.  Let's continue this conversation over there.


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  • Mikail YARDIMCI

    Hi, could we also add Name, Surname and email address as a value for the CTI Application?

    Is it also possible to choose when external App will appear, during ringing, during call, after the call etc...

    Thank you very much,

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    Hello Mikail,

    Thanks for your comment. Feel free to use the Community to suggest an improvement! 

    Your feedback will be reviewed by the product team.


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  • Does this feature work with the Essential user license or Business license is requested for it to work?


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  • Claire DECHRISTE


    It works with Essential user profile as shown in the feature list document:

    Information can be found here:

    Best regards,

    Claire Dechristé

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  • Mikail YARDIMCI

    Hi Quentin, could you please investigate if it's possible to enhance this feature for Chats and Calls...? I would like to transfer this information's into the contact in Salesforce or any crm for example:


    use case: You are supporting a customer or partner through Rainbow and you want to push the chat or the call duration into a crm tool like sfdc by clicking on the chat or call or whatever. from my point of view it should work the same principle cause you have the mailadress of the user and could push the text into his history:


    here an example of the usecase:

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  • Roberto SEMOLI

    Hello quentin
    I configured Rainbow to start an external application but this doesn't start. Is there any log where I can check why?
    In your article you refer to a rainbow.ini but this file does not exist in the directory "C: \ Users \ my user \ AppData \ Roaming \ Alcatel-LucentEnterprise \ Rainbow"
    There is a file called "Settings", but it has no sections.
    I put the customizationDirectory line in this file.

    Thank you.

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  • Axel Steppe

    Hi Quentin,


    i run into the same problem then Roberto. From LogFiles it seems that the customization is loaded correct:

    2020-04-03 10:00:52,286 [info] [Main] [Settings] Getting a setting with key:[customizationDirectory], value:[C:\Program Files (x86)\MicroCRM]
    2020-04-03 10:00:52,287 [info] [Renderer] [Customizer] check directory: [C:\Program Files (x86)\MicroCRM]
    2020-04-03 10:00:52,289 [info] [Renderer] [CustomizationParser] Manifest version is: [1]
    2020-04-03 10:00:52,290 [info] [Renderer] [CustomizationParser] Parse "extension-points"
    2020-04-03 10:00:52,291 [info] [Renderer] [CustomizationParser] [on-incoming-pbx-call-actions] exists
    2020-04-03 10:00:52,293 [info] [Renderer] [CustomActionReader] Parse [on-incoming-pbx-call-actions]
    2020-04-03 10:00:52,295 [info] [Renderer] [CustomActionReader] Read action [1]
    2020-04-03 10:00:52,295 [info] [Renderer] [CustomActionReader] Parse action[0]
    2020-04-03 10:00:52,296 [info] [Renderer] [CustomActionReader] stringWithMacro [C:\Program Files (x86)\MicroCRM\MicroCRM.exe]
    2020-04-03 10:00:52,297 [info] [Renderer] [CustomActionReader] all macros checked.
    2020-04-03 10:00:52,298 [info] [Renderer] [CustomActionReader] stringWithMacro [-number ${caller.phoneNumber}]
    2020-04-03 10:00:52,300 [info] [Renderer] [CustomActionReader] all macros checked.
    2020-04-03 10:00:52,301 [info] [Renderer] [CustomActionReader] parse an action: [{"name":"actionIn","command":{"url":"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\MicroCRM\\MicroCRM.exe","params":"-number ${caller.phoneNumber}"}}]
    2020-04-03 10:00:52,301 [info] [Renderer] [Customizer] Parsing done with success


    I also used the sample manifest und MicroCRM from the archive.

    If i insert a rainbow.ini file in the root folder of the application it is gone after application startup and the info is then stored in the setting file which is also stored in the root folder. ( ? )


    The problem is that the MicroCRM will not get started by a incoming call.


    BR Axel

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  • Daniel SIMIONI


    Same problem to start the external application microCRM. checked the rainbow setup log

    C:\Users\DANIEL~1.SIM\AppData\Local\Temp\is-V1JGF.tmp\rainbow.ini does not exist: not restored

    the folder is-V1JGF.tmp does not exits. create this folder an insert the rainbow.ini file then microCRM starting with incoming call. till next time you upgrade or reinstall rainbow, the  is-V1JGF.tmp folder will renamed......

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  • Daniel SIMIONI

    modification must be done in Settings File

    C:\Users\local.user\AppData\Roaming\Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise\Rainbow

    "outlookPresent": true,
    "useOutlookAddIn": true,
    "autoStart": true,
    "language": "de",
    "shareCalendarInfo": true,
    "customizationDirectory": "C:\\Alcatel\\MicroCRM",
    "audioProfile": "headset",
    "automaticDND": false,
    "showSearchBar": true,
    "hideOnMinimized": true,
    "minimizeOnClosed": true


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  • Michael BICKEL

    Is it possible, to use other attributes than {caller.phoneNumber}, like the caller email or name?

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  • Jim VERTÉ

    dear ,

    what can you do with the "extension-points" 

    can we use this to filter on the calling nr (example from 1 specific internal user)


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