How to Activate the Single Sign-On between Azure Active Directory and my Company (using SAML)?


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    Hi there, 

    just tried to activate SSO between Open Rainbow and Azure AD. 
    I already tried it once, didn't work (error message said that the cookie "SAMLRequestID" is missing) so I wanted to try again, maybe I did something wrong the first time. 

    Now I am stuck at step 6 with creating the enterprise app in Azure. 
    I got the Login and Logout URL, but I cannot download the certificate. The Hyperlink is grey. Did they change something in the process? All other fields look exactly like in the video. 

    The first time I tried it, I uploaded the Metadata file from Rainbow first, then put the certificate into Rainbow and uploaded the Metadata once again. 
    Maybe someone can help me out here with some tipps :-) 

    Thanks in advance

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