Which Audio/Video Devices Should I Use for my Rainbow Room?



  • Stefan BRIXEL

    Hi ALE Rainbow Team,
    would you pls. go into details regarding Audio/ Video Hardware?
    Adding other components is of big interest among current users.

    The recommended HW provides the following:
    - Video via the Camera (CAM20/ CAM50)
    - Audio I/O via KONFTEL EGO & KONFTEL 8135s 

    Other audio Interfaces worked in my case (e.g. Shure MV88+)

    I have the following questings

    1. Is it planned to specify the exact Audio/ Video routing (Audio In, Audio out, Video In) via the Android Rainbow Room App in the near future?
      Currently there is no setting to do so. (only the "test output signal" button)
    2. Would you pls. elaborate on this:
      For now, is it mandatory to have:
      - a Audio I/O device via USB (including Bluetooth Dongle option) and 
      - a Camera without Audio I/O
      In case a webcam includes a microphone - and the Audio Hardware include a microphone as well - which one will be used?

    Thank you for getting back to me and keep up with the excellent work,

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  • Rubén RÍO


    This equipments are only an accessories to the main hardware unit needed for Rainbow Room service, based on Android TV systems.

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