No incoming call notification for supervised phone [OXE]



  • Steven DEFERME


    So, parallel calls are not possible at all for Rainbow extensions?

    • Members of a parallel Hunt Group can't be multiline --> Rainbow remote extensions must be multiline --> parallel hunt group not possible.
    • Set supervision not supported (and not working).

    Are there any other possiblities? Parallel ringing is a core feature of telephony, and should not be dismissed.

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  • Nilesh TAILOR


    Using OXE with Remote Extensions (REX), set supervision is working with Web Client, which is great! However, it is not working with MS Teams Connector. Is that on roadmap? If not, will it be possible?

    I have users on the system who are in a hunt group and I cannot then put them in another hunt group at the same time. This is a backward step!

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  • Baptiste CANDELIER

    Hi Nilesh,

    Our Teams Connector uses the Web SDK, which may explain the difference in operation between the Web Client and the Teams Connector.

    But the main point is that telephony features are based on PBX CSTA events and therefore you can/may have some call control facilities for supervised sets but this is not tested, not supported and not in our roadmap to be supported one day. 

    Regarding Hunt group configuration please consult TC2462 chapter 7.4. For any other configuration please contact your ALE CSM to raise a product Enhancement Request.


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  • Nilesh TAILOR

    Hi Baptiste,

    Thanks for the quick response.

    Do you know if it will be possible to use that configuration described in TC2462 chapter 7.4 when my REX users are already in another Hunt Group in the OXE?

    Thanks in advance..

    Kind Regards, Nilesh

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  • Steven DEFERME


    Set supervision is the only way: you can create a virtual set, and let the REX user have supervision on the virtual set.The virtual set can be part of the Hunt group. But, for external incoming calls to the virtual set or Hunt group, you will not see the calling number in Rainbow, instead the REX's number is displayed. This seems to me like something that is easy to fix, but "Supervised sets is not supported and not in the roadmap"...

    Don't consider Rainbow CPaaS/UCaaS telephony as an equivalent of regular OXE telephony, because it lacks some very common telephony features, and apparently there is no intention at all to add them.

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