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    This is a great addition to the OXE CCD, after login to rainbow and when agent is selecting their PG would it be possible for agent to list the PG instead of the agent having to know the number of all PG they are associated with ?

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  • Carlo BORGER

    The feature really makes it easier for agents to work from home, however there are some things to really take notice of.
    1 the translation of withdraw and Wrap up in Dutch language are not the same as they are on an office phone which confuses a normal agent/user.
    normally "intrekken" is shown as "Terugtr." and "voltooien" as "WrapUp" on the desk phone.

    2. when an agent is working remote making use of a mobile phone and the agent is the only available agent, the agent must not accept or make a private direct mobile call to or from the mobile phone.
    When on that moment a CCD call is presented the call is redirected in blocked state on the pilot, and this is very annoying to users working from home.
    So an agent must use the Rainbow environment to make outgoing calls, however incoming calls on the mobile phone are not easy to prevent.

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  • Daniel WITTHÖFT

    Hello, we have a lot of users that can't connect to their groups in agent mode quite often. Sometimes they get just "Warning" or "Unknown Error", sometimes they will log on but the icon changes to the "office phone" (they want to use "Computer/ Internet....") and shows a number starting with BBB10.... (which is the number of the REX in our Rainbow-Pool on OmniPCX as I found out) but the calls don't show up anywhere.

    We have a big enough pool of REX (first name "RAINBOW", proACD) and the users/agents aren't self-assigned agents and they all have a preferred group set.

    I had a look on the logs but can't see any reason why it wouldn't connect, I see errors like "internal server error" but no further details. For "normal" users without CCD agent we don't have any of this trouble, it works just fine. I hope you can give us an advice here. Thanks ahead and best regards.

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  • Stewart DUNCAN


    Not sure if anyone else has experienced this issue:-

    When logged in as an agent in Rainbow, the hold button is no longer present during a call.

    I have screenshots of it working correctly in web version 2.94.9. It is not present in version 2.96.7 since about 2 weeks ago.

    If I create a new Rainbow agent from scratch with same class of service params as normal users, the hold button is not present. Same behaviour in web and windows app versions.

    The hold button is present for normal OXE/REX/Rainbow users in web version 2.96.7 and windows app version.

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    Any chance the agent-feature will be available to OXO-users in the near future?

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  • Carlo BORGER

    The solutions works fine and does what it is supposed to do.
    What still is missing though is the possibility to  log on and off in the mobile environment.
    When will this be supported?
    It will be a hot topic as soon as Covid is rising up again, so I guess it is time to get this done.

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    Hi Carlo,

    Just found this in the new Rainbow Release v105

    CCD [Enterprise, Enterprise conference] [Android, iOS] Mobile phones can be used as Rainbow CCD agents in OXE CCD configuration.

    CCD [Enterprise, Enterprise conference] [Android, iOS] A CCD agent is able to do a search by name in the OXE PBX directory when entering the CCD group for logON to the CCD.

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