VoIP Calling: WebRTC gateway remote upgrade



  • Roberto SCHUMANN

    we need this feature as soon as possible in Germany!

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  • Jim VERTÉ

    Can i also join the beta test group ?

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  • Jayantha CHANDANA

    It does not even display the availability of a new version for us in Bahrain

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  • Baptiste CANDELIER

    Hi Roberto, Hi Jim, Hi Jayanthe,

    Remote upgrade is now available world wide:
    - for the 35 countries listed into the article with remote upgrade possibility
    - all other countries only new version availability display

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    I tried the remote upgrade process of WebRTC, but it doesn't work from version Only from version and higher.

    The process of upgrade from stoped on the pending status in WebRTC GW. The .iso image include .md5 was copy right to folder upgrade.

    This message is notrelevant.

    NEW : This feature is available worldwide as of October 19 if the WebRTC gateway meets the following conditions:
    - the WebRTC gateway works with version 1.73.x or higher
    - is installed on a VM or a standalone PC
    - is installed in one of the 35 countries listed  at the end of this article due to export control regulations.

    Petr Halberstat Alcasys


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  • Baptiste CANDELIER

    Hi Petr,

    please open a support ticket. Add the mpcollect --all logs to the ticket please.


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  • Carlo BORGER

    Good morning,
    I have tried this feature on my own test environment and it is a real good addition to the features offered to make live easy.
    Now in my real enthusiasm I told this to the administrators of two customers who do the maintenance by them selves.
    As they are responsible for their own environment and the outage of the equipment this feature would be really welcome to give them the possibility to easy upgrade the environment once there is a new version of WebRTC Gateway software.
    There will always be a reason to not do the latest upgrade perhaps because the OXE/OXO on site is not in the correct software version, but that is another discussion, but for them to be in control of their own site would be great.
    Is it possible to add this role not only to me as BP Operation, but also to the customer administrator ?

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