Update Users Licences Using Mass provisioning




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    Christophe MUNINGER

    Dear Craig,

    License pairing via mass provisioning will be available in Rainbow version 1.45 (GA end of August).

    Best regards,

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  • Craig WALKER

    Other requirements urgently needed (No particular order):

    1) Description of  / diagnosis of error when import fails (Rather than "Errors in the CSV file structure prevented the import") eg error line 4, or variable missing line 6

    2) Increase the number of lines more than 20

    3) Add attributes for internal OXE extension, rather than full number

    4) Cope with other delimiters - eg tab - so that creation in xls is easier before saving in .csv format

    5) Visual bar to show progress of file parse rather than just "in progress" then "completed" 

    Feel free to add any others you may need


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