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  • Quentin Grabenstaetter

    Hello Lorenzo,

    I move this post to the "Help Assistance & Support" Topic.
    Are you talking about the PBX numbering rules? Did you read our article about this feature?
    Let me know if you need further information about this feature.

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  • Lorenzo VIPERINI

    Hi Quentin, thank you for your response.

    I read the article but didn't find a solution. I made some test but I can't find a rule that delete any space between digits and add correctly a "0" at the leading.

    Example to manipulate

    051 7091 111

    Regular expression


    In this way I get "0517091111", but I don't mind the substitution to obtain 00517091111

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  • Quentin Grabenstaetter

    Hi Lorenzo,

    By default Rainbow delete some characters like "space" or "." when you dial a phone number. No need to Regular Expression to delete your space.

    Concerning the second point: You can add a "0" automatically in your Equipment information. Try to activate the Outbound Prefix and set him as "0":

    Could you please try to delete your Regular Expression and try with the Outbound Prefix?

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  • Andrea MARIN



    we have same problem. If we delete our rules and try to use only default configuration of rainbow we can't call number like 0114557510 or +390114557510 or 011 45 57 510


    We still have default rules apply like you

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