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    Hello, thank you for your feedback. This is now available via the tab (TAB). Some shortcuts have been removed so Rainbow application complies with accessibility rules and standards. 

    Eva Laravine, Product Marketing Management Rainbow

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    Hello, thank you for your answer. 

    I agree with you that using the TAB key makes it easier to access for people with specific accessibility needs.

    But I have to disagree about the removal of the keyboard shortcut to access the direct number/name entry field.
    - First, because the fact of implementing the operation of the TAB key does not have to affect the existence of the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.
    - Second because, depending on where the keyboard focus goes when opening the application, multiple presses of the TAB key are necessary to reach the number/name entry field.

    The previous keyboard shortcut (Alt-E) could even be assigned to a programmable key on a computer keyboard. I myself had a key programmed on my Logitech keyboard to maximize the Rainbow and send the Alt-E sequence. With a single keystroke, without even needing to touch the mouse, I could start entering the number to dial or the name to search for. Maximum efficiency and productivity.

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