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  • Louise QUINTRAND

    Hi Rainer, 

    I don't understand your request about sharing email messages from Outloook, could you give me more details please?
    Drag & Drop for the files is already available on Rainbow :)
    Don't hesitate to post other comments ! 

    Waiting for your answer, 
    Best Regards

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  • Rainer SCHILD

    Hi Louise,

    thanx for your comment.

    Your right... Drag & Drop for files is now working how it should be... but as you see my suggestion is already 10 month old... so a lot of things changed and that is fantastic...

    About the outlook ... since there is an Rainbow outlook plugin it would be fantastic if I could just simply take an email and drop it into a conversation...  so the other people can read this email.... also if I have an email with attachments... it would be great if i can directly drag and drop the email attachment to rainbow without saving it first on the local HD....

    cheers and best wishes,


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