Bubble's Organizers Cannot Start an Audio/Video Conference




  • Quentin Grabenstaetter

    Hello John,

    In the current version, several Bubble's Participants can be promoted as Organizer. These people are able to manage the participant list (add or remove participant) or the Bubble information (name, description, picture).

    But the Bubble creator (the first Organizer) stays the only person able to start an audio/video conference or close the Bubble. This Organizer is named "Owner" and a key is display at right of his name in the Participants list.


    I would like to point out that only Bubble owners with a licence Enterprise and in a Bubble with less of 11 participants can start an audio/video conference.

    In the next versions, we planned to improve this behavior. All organizer should be able to start an audio/video conference.

    I hope this reply helps you. Please keep us informed if you need further information.

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  • Rodolphe GOUDIN

    Hello Rainbow Community,

    capacity for bubble promoted organizer to launch audio/video conf (if proper licence) is a must-have for workflow flexibility (if bubble owner ont available for one recurrent meeting, need for another bubble member to create another bubble and invite all bubble members).


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  • Andrea MARIN

    Hi Rainbow team,

    do you have a plane to permit to an organizer to start an audio/video conf with bubble?

    This is to much important option for our customers.


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  • Ruben SIEGRIST

    Quentin wrote about 7 months ago (!):

    "In the next versions, we planned to improve this behavior. All organizer should be able to start an audio/video conference."

    So, in which version should it be released?

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  • Quentin Grabenstaetter

    Good morning, everyone!

    Please remember that we read all feedback but can't respond to everything. This post was initially a support request and not a feature suggestion.

    I had a look in the present suggestions list and I saw a demand from Virginie, you have the same idea ! I suggest to merge your post with Virginie's post to obtain more comments and more votes.

    You can comment this post "Allow all Organizers to Launch a Audio/Video Conference in a Bubble" and talk with Virginie and other people about your demand! 🙂

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