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    I totally agree ... we have to go"Back to CTI" ...

    Last week a had this discussion with two of my partners, who lose lots of existing OXO-customers to the competition or have huge problems to win new customers.

    Compare the Rainbow-Solution with OT isn´t enough. Opentouch also don´t provide from the market required features. So we have to look at the market and competition.

    There are two issues the Rainbow-Applications have. It is different for the PC-App and for the Smartphone-App if we look for customization. I don´t want to talk about freemium- or business/enterprise-licence at this time, but want to stress, that the following features are for free at the competition.

    Smart-Phone-App features our partners recommend:

    • Basic telephony features like recieve call, end call, forward, 3-party-conference etc. we already have in the business/enterprise licence
    • Hunting Groups:
      Login/Log off in groups
      See the group in the App
      See incoming calls from other group members
      Pickup Calls from other group members
      Other group members should be informed about the picked up call in the call history

    If a user is logged in the group, calls have to be recieved at the smartphone (webRTC-Gateway)

    • Supervision
      Select special colleagues you fill in e.g.
      Pick up calls for this colleagues
      Shown in the call history

    Picked up calls have to be recieved at the samrtphone.

    • Call by name in connected Active Dierectory, contacts on the smartphone and in the personal adressbook of the OXO/OXE

    Additonal the PC-App should be customizable better:

    • Groups/Lists of favorites have to be shown all the time, even a communication is active. So you can access to your favorites with one click. The solution we have today with 10 favorite contacts is no real useable solution.
    • Outlook integration (like we have today in the enterprise licence

    Today two of my 9 Partners have 400 existing OXOs that were attacked by the competition and in most cases the partner today have, the competition won or will win. 

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  • Jonas LARSSON

    So do I..

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  • Peter HAUDAN

    In addition to the features already mentioned, our customers require the possibility to generate an email from the call log (right click on the call log entry). Especially for power users (attendants e.g.) it is helpful to be able to send an "telephone info" to other user ("wish for callback etc.) but with RAINBOW now it is not even possible to copy the telephone number from the call log (copy and paste from RAINBOW into an email). All CTI solution I know can handle this directly from the call log.

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