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  • Velayudham JAYAKUMAR

    Hi Roberto,
    This feature is available in R1.41.6 in chat window of bubble or user. Right click on the attachment file and click on "delete file". This would delete the files received from the rainbow storage.

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    my version is 1.45.3
    sorry, the delete is only functionnal  for your own attachments. If a distant share a file in a conversation, the file is displayed on my side . That's OK.
    Now, this attachement is link to a conversation.
    If I delete the conversation, Why the attachment is still visible on my side ? I can delete conversation
    I can't delete the attachment of this conversation

    Thanks, Marc

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  • Velayudham JAYAKUMAR

    Hi Marc,

    You can delete the attachments received from a distant participant on a one to one conversation window by using the option "Remove all messages". The version of rainbow is 1.45.3

    Best Regards, Vela

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    Hello this is what i've done,  look at First picture, conversation is empty
    Look at second screen, attachment is from this user.  I can't removed it, I can't know from where it's come ?
    Is it bubble or P2P ? I don't know and finally I can't removed this annoying picture.
    Is it a bug ? Is it a privacy trouble ?

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