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    [Answer updated, June, 6th]


    Hi Comaladevi,


    First which SDK(s) do you use ?


    About your questions:

    How many groups and channels you allow?

    Channels and Groups are not limited today. We are working to limit them. These limitations will be communicated soon


    How we can push the text /images etc instead of typing the message?
    I didn't get your question.  Is it, how to publish text/image in a channel with the APIs ?

    As per the demo we have different channels like Spa, RoomService, House keeping etc ,can you please let me know how this can be mapped in your API?

    Excuse me, you are speaking from which demo ?
    Not on the HUB I suppose ?


    Room object is meant for what purpose?

    Room object is the "old" name for a Bubble.



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