nodeSDK - need a method to accept invitations



  • Olivier ANGUENOT

    Hi Patrick,

    Currently, a bot can't auto-accept users in his network to avoid big numbers at the end.

    In near future, we will rework this feature by separating two concepts: adding a contact to the network, sharing presence with a contact.

    So, it will be possible to have an auto-accept.

    In the meantime, we have delivered a new API that allows an admin to add users in the network of an other user.

    Here is a link to this API:

    This method is also available as a REST API :

    Hope this will help you,



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  • Alejandro

    Good morning,

    administrator can add the contacts before the rainbow account is activated?

    Example :

    RainbowAccount A is created by Admin B.

    Admin B intermediately can add the contacts C, D to RainbowAccount A?

    Once RainbowAccount A is activated. User A  has to accept the contacts C and D?

    Best regards.


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