Login issues caused by cookie mismatch: Prompt to clear cache



  • Jeroen V

    i know that this is an old post, but what kind of error do you had?

    Do you mean chrome cookies? i don't know what browser engine is used by the rainbow client...

    we have the issue that there is a popup like he is trying to connecto to azure for sso login but direct go back to login page without specific error.

    t'is not user related, it's with each user on that pc, so it's pc related.


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  • Jeroen V

    found log files here: %appdata% somewhere \Roaming\Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise\Rainbow 


    with this error:

    failed: Data frame received after close

    found solution , i have deleted all content in this folder:  %AppData%\Roaming\Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise\Rainbow\Cache

    solved the issue

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