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    Hi NAJ,

    I am sorry, I am sure I got you.  I see 2 points:

    Point 1:
    This is a Javascript example of how to connect to Rainbow using a login/pass.  It should be used in an existing HTML5 project (or from scratch)

    If you are not used to develop with Javascript, please download a "working example" from there:
    and modify it as you want.
    (in Sample part)


    Point 2:
    You said "the login and the password of a test account (not the account of developer)"
    If you have a test account on the Sandbox and a company (fake or not) you can create new users.

    Login to with your admin account

    "Invite new users" by email to your company

    And you'll be able then to "play" with them on the sandbox


    Did I reply to your question(s) ?


    Best regards,


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  • Laila NAJI

    Hi Pascal,

     I’am working on a website (php and javascript) the purpose is that a user can make a call from the web page, at the moment it works because I'm connected with my developer account and I want to test with a normal Rainbow account is it possible? is what needs to be replaced the "rainbowSDK.connection.signin (myRainbowLogin, myRainbowPassword)" line with "rainbowSDK.connection.signinOnRainbowOfficial (myRainbowLogin, myRainbowPassword)"?

    ps: it is possible to communicate in French?


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    Hi NAJI,

    I'll reply in french and english for other readers ;)


    For the moment it is possible to test with production users (real users) by using signinOnRainbowOfficial  instead of signin .
    Pour le moment c'est possible/autorisé d'utiliser signinOnRainbowOfficial pour se connecter avec un user officiel sur "la prod".


    But for you to know, later this summer having a valid appId on production will be mandatory / and some APIs won't work on production without an appID.
    Mais il faut savoir que plus tard cet été il faudra OBILIGATOIREMENT avoir un appID valide sur la production sinon l'application ne pourra pas se connecter, et qu'actuellement sans appID certains appels d'API seront déjà refusés sans appId.

    About appID and process, please check
    If not yet done, please create an account in the HUB (or use an existing rainbow user) to be able to create appID on production:

    Best regards,

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