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  • Martin BLASER

    tel: and callto: URL open with Rainbow-App on a Windows Desktop PC:

    To activate this, you have to add some Registry settings. I created a text file with the ending .reg (registry file) and activated it on my PC. Now I can click on a telephone number in the browser (tel: or callto: URL) and the Rainbow App is opening and dialing the number.

    The text below you can copy in your text editor and save as a .reg file. Copy also the title. Then open "Regedit" on your computer and save (export) the whole registry to your PC.

    Now you can double-click the new .reg - file. After the confirmation you can test the function.

    Copy this in your text editor (including title):


    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    "URL Protocol"=""

    "URL Protocol"=""




    @="Rainbow %1"





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