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    Christophe MUNINGER

    Hi Elzo,

    Thank you for your suggestion. Even if you can find such "free state" in other products, this is not road mapped however. Most of the people are forgetting to change this status, providing thus wrong information to others. This is why we rely on true states, like the phone presence, content sharing status, calendar information, etc.

    Best Regards,

    Christophe Muninger

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  • Mikaël Lopes

    Hi Elzo,

    In the case of an OoO you could have the integration of your agenda that will automatically show the OoO message in Rainbow.

    I hope that this helps ;) 

    Best regards,


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  • Brian BIRD

    I would like to agree with Elzo, I think this would be a very important feature and is available and widely used in Skype for Business. It is a customisable presence option that allows you to provide a bit of extra detail in regards to your availability. 

    With calendar integration it will either display you are in an appointment or it will provide a detailed out of office message....most users will only use out of office when they are away for extended periods of time.

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  • Christian Oertel

    I also think this is an important Feature. When I am at the customers location I would like to share this Information with my contacts just as an indicator that I would like to get only important or urgent Messages and not the "Would you like to join us for a coffee" messages.

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  • Rainer SCHILD

    I agree 100% and would like to have more status options than => Online, Away and busy...

    Would be great if I can set my individual status message that everybody can see...
    like "on vacation until 02.01.2019" maybe also with a kalender to delete it automaticly if the day is reached...

    Also to set individual but fix status messages in setting that are also doing the call handling like...
    Meeting => calls are redirected to my mailbox
    out of office => calls are redirected to my smartphone

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  • Markus RICK

    I confirm Christan, we would also welcome this feature.

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  • Benjamin LAY

    Great idea, Elzo!

    Calendar integration for planned absences is to be treated differently from ad-hoc presence information. Therefore a small text box to indicate a status like "Be right back" would help!

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  • Hans-Jürgen BRAND

    I agree to Elzo, this feature should be "normal" Just a small textbox. If you like you can use it in additional to the fix state.

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  • Roberto SCHUMANN

    I'd also highly request such a feature.

    As Rainbow is more or less replacing e-mail, people are not checking out of office mails.

    When I'm out of office, eventhough I have an automatic e-mail reply and it shout be shown in Rainbow due to O356 integration, people are still messaging me or trying to call me.

    Changing the presence status to "do not disturb" is ot enouch, as my contacts are still don't know, that I'm away for holidays.

    An automatic message would be fine

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  • Michael SCHÄFFNER
    • The automatic status recognition often results in a status which doesn't reflects the real user state or the state the user wants to be displayed.
      e.g. when I'm at home office and be online, but use only a different application or has longer telephone call (> 3min) then the displayed state is away||busy (Rainbow client still running in background).
    • A personal status text would be useful, e.g. when someone is in an individual pause for lunch.
      In this case a manual set state "Do not disturb" expresses for me a person is busy or "invisible" doesn't express the person is later available.
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  • Nicolas Pelé

    I also would like to set a personal status ("home-working" for example).

    About the reply "Most of the people are forgetting to change this status", this is already the case with the "busy" status.I see to different way to handle that, either the user has to set a time limit for the status, or rainbow shows a notification (after 1hr, 1day ...) to remind the user that is status has not be updated for a while.

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  • Caroline Küpfer

    Still very relevant! I would love to define either the existing statuses with an individual text or add further status messages to choose from. A stated above, even the predefined statuses are completly dependen on how the individual user is using them. There are for example people who are always "absent" but are in reality available.

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