Telephony service in Node SDK



  • Vincent BERDER



    Yes the makecall method is the rigth one to use.

    But it is for Remote Call Control over a PBX. It is to control the phoneset connected to the PBX.

    Of course the pbx has to be connected to the Rainbow platform to allow this method.

    The "Rainbow node SDK" is designed to be used in serveur side, so, there is no integration about the webrtc in "Rainbow node SDK", neither audostream.


     If you want to deal with webrtc calls, you have to use the Rainbow Web SDK :





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  • Kok Yew Meng

    To add on to this, even though it might not make sense to make a call from server-side node sdk to another rainbow contact, it would be useful to be able to initiate a call between 2 other rainbow contacts from node sdk.

    As node sdk is the only sdk for server-side applications, it doesn't make sense to use the web sdk to build long running applications or server-side applications.

    An example would be to build a scheduled call feature that starts a call between 2 rainbow contacts at a future date/time.


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