Display an Unread Message Notification in the Bubble Tab



  • Louise QUINTRAND

    Hi Ruben,

    Great idea, let's wait and see what our product team must say about it!

    Feel free to vote and comment other posts so that they have a better visibility 😊

    Best Regards,

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  • Brian BIRD

    I like this suggestion Ruben. At least it would provide some immediate and visual representation of how 'collaborative' the bubble is 

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  • Kaushal AGRAWAL

    I am using Windows Desktop Client Version 2.78.6. Rainbow icon in Windows taskbar shows 2 notifications. I am unable to find where are the two unread messages. Recent Conversations do not show any unread message. I have 50 bubbles, don't know which one could be having an unread message.

    I've no practical way to clear all my notifications on Rainbow icon in taskbar. 

    So now I need to remember that if the count stays 2, then there is no unread message ! If it displays 3 or more, then I need to watch for new messages. 

    This degrades the experience. Could we do something about it please.


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