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    Hi Benoît,

    I just recap the mail exchange we had to solve the "183 error" issue:


    1- the first installation has been made with admin profile.

    2- the new installation is now made with user profile.

    how to proceed

    - first in such a case, to start on a clean installation : uninstall previous version from the admin account (Control Panel or System on Settings menu)

    - check that no more files remain in AppData folder

    - If, for any reason, uninstall has not been performed properly:

    -- open the Windows registry [from start button, in the start menu/search box, type regedit and press Enter, select regedit.exe ]

    -- look into HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / Software

    -- search 'Rainbow' and remove corresponding lines (should be located in Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise directory)

    -- if you are used to check complete removal of applications with maintenance & optimization tool, you can launch it.

    - now you are ready to install the new version of Rainbow application

    best regards, 


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    Hi Benoit,

    could you please bring following information so that we can help you with more efficiency:

    (Sorry if you think the questions so basic! We need the global context)

    - did you encounter the issue with only one or several PC having Windows 10?

    - have you tried to restart the PC and reinstall? 

    - had a Rainbow version already installed in the past and how?

    - the log shows that the user is admin, so what do you mean by 'user priviledge'?

    Finally, if you got Rainbow logs, it could be usefull too 😉

    thank you for your feedback. 


    Best regards


    Rainbow Customer Care


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  • Benoit FOUCHER

    Hello Nathalie, yes this issue is with 3 WIndows 10 computer.

    I was try the installation many time, it was the second installation of rainbow.

    NO the user is not admin, but Rainbow try to install himself in the admin location ... (it's probably the cause of the issue ?)


    have a good day

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  • Benoit FOUCHER

    This is for these computer :

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