Rainbow says it does not have permission to use my microphone or camera




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    Claire DECHRISTE

    Hello Martin,

    Does it occur on Web and/or desktop app? With the latest version? What is the frequency of the issue?

    Have you verified the privacy settings of your microphone in Windows 10, as explained here:

    Is the option "Allow applications to access the microphone" enabled?

    Same thing for your browser: is the microphone access enabled for web.openrainbow.com ?

    Could it be that another application uses your microphone at the same time?

    Once all this has been checked and if the issue occurs again, I would advise to create a ticket to Rainbow support team with the screenshots of the audio settings and the error message, as well as the client logs taken after having reproduced the issue. If needed, I can open the ticket for you. Let me know.

    Best regards,
    Claire Dechristé


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    Martin Jebb

    It only happens in the app - If I use a browser it is fine

    I have checked the Privacy Settings - before - and Just now


    The App Says this... and obviously the app does not have a Browser Address bar!

    What is odd is that If I connect a Blue tooth Headset - the Camera and headset work 


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    Claire DECHRISTE

    Hello Martin,

    I propose to open a ticket to R&D. Could you please reproduce the issue and send me through Rainbow:

    -logs of the app

    -time and date of the issue

    -screenshots of Rainbow audio/video settings

    -brand and model of the headset used when it works

    Best regards,

    Claire Dechristé

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