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  • Brian BIRD

    I have checked the battery consumption on my iPhone and it is showing that Rainbow consumes 5% of the battery power as compared to 7% for Facebook, 11% Safari, 21% Messages, 23% Phone and 24% Mail.  Not too bad overall.

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  • Ruben SIEGRIST


    Could you put here more info?

    I am curious to know:

    * Your mobile brand + model

    * Your OS version

    * Network behavior (3/4G? Wi-Fi?)

    * And, if possible, a screenshot from your mobile screen showing Rainbow draining your battery.

    This is something really strange and, doing some searches here, you raised the first issue regarding Rainbow battery consumption!

    PS: also in my mobile, nothing abnormal. Rainbow even not appears in my Moto E4 battery consumption apps' list.

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