Remove capability to create channel on Enterprise



  • Brian BIRD

    Forgive me if I dont quite understand the request. Are you looking for a way that Administrators can prevent a user with an Enterprise subscription from creating a channel in Rainbow?

    If so, the Administrator can go to the Roles of members with and Enterprise subscription and control the rights to create Channels. Is this what you are asking for?


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    Hi Brian,

    Yes your understand is correct. But the rights that you screenshot is only deny user from creating a public channel and user is still able to create a private channel.


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  • Brian BIRD

    Sorry about that, I thought that if all boxes were left unticked than they were not able to create any channels. I just tested and that is not the case, they can still create an internal channel. The other two features are to force the automatic subscription.

    I will vote for your request!

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